Hey There Biz Mom! If you're looking to start a business, look no further! You're in the right place. Let's dive in!


Welcome to Biz Mom U!

This will be your guide to the mind-blowing worlds of motherhood and business.

Gaining the right knowledge and implementing a little bit at a time what you learn can make a real difference in your life. Also changing your mindset to learn to build wealth and your family’s legacy can be generational advantage for decades to come.

Both worlds can be overwhelming if you don’t have strategies. This site was made to assist moms in easing the overwhelmed feelings of integrating both worlds.

Creating a successful business whether it’s online or in-person is hard but very much worth it. If you’re ready for a different approach to life, then you’re in the right place!

As moms, we need to not only think of ourselves but our children as well (ie. what we do for a living matters and how we use our time).

People are still use to the idea that you need to have a job/career in the “real world” to make money. That it’s the only option available.

But those “real world” jobs/careers that we know about today are quickly disappearing or evolving.

Here’s an example: a few years ago McDonald’s started putting in self-ordering kiosks to take people’s orders along side with cashiers.  The burger chain is easing in machines so that customers can get accustomed to them. Eventually, the company wants people to accept a machine in place of a person taking their order.  The point is businesses are starting to put in automation A.I. to lower their labor costs and to make things move along faster. 

 In the past few years, a lot of industries have been going through major changes where people will not be needed for jobs/careers that were once promising (think travel agencies and newspapers).  

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us a lot about how fragile our work/community systems can come crashing down on all of us very rapidly.  It has now expedited the fall of some industries and the rise of others (think tech).

This pandemic has changed the lives of people in many different ways especially for women who have children. A lot of women, rather quickly, decided to quit their jobs in order to stay home to care for their kids setting them back financially and career-wise.

Learning to build your own business (whether big or small) and diversifying your streams of income is not only smart but crucial for women in today’s world. 

That’s why we want women to have this resource to educate themselves to lead better lives than they had before by taking control of their financial well-being.  

Working moms can now have a one-stop resource hub to quickly as possible get over the learning curve to lead a successful life with their family! 

So What I Love For You Ladies to Learn...

So I’m Amanda and the founder of Biz Mom U. I have three wonderful and energetic kids all under the age of six 😅.  I love being a mom but wanted more for myself. I wanted to teach my kids that mothers can do more then just be a “mom”. I have a IRL service business that has grown the last several years when I had a toddler and then two pregnancies. It has been quite a journey so far!

When I did research on how to start a business, I found that there’s a lot information or misleading information out there. 

So I decide to create this website just for moms to cut through all that noise by applying what I know about starting an IRL business, reviewing courses on marketing, blogging, social media, etc., recommending tools that can work for you to create automatic systems, also recommending other people to follow that can also assist in your biz journey, and having a business mindset to be aware of opportunities that other people would not be able to identify. 

Welcome to your entrepreneurial journey! 

Core Values


Educating and empowering women (and men) can change lives.  It uplifts everyone to be better!


When you know facts or a situation that affects you, you can change your habits and/or behaviors.


Every year that goes by, you should be better than last year’s version of yourself. No comparing to others! 


This can give you life options such as the financial freedom to live a healthy life, travel, etc. 


Action is important and baby steps to big results everyday gets you closer to achieving your goals.

What BMU Believes

Mothers are busy and are often stressed out so by empowering mothers through knowledge and knowing she’s not alone, it can uplift her and her family for the better. 


When you’re starting or trying to run a business and raising a family, time is always tight. Ready to grow your business in less time?

How Can we help you?

Resources and Toolkits

Finding the tools to grow your business quicker is how you stay ahead and sane when raising kids as well.

Cool Biz Women

Learning about other women in business can help you feel not alone and find someone else to relate to.

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